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Defended: 2018


Thesis Title: Texts and Traditions in Seventeenth Century Goa: Reading Cultural Translation, Sacredness, and Transformation in the Kristapurāṇa of Thomas Stephens S.J.

About Annie:

Annie Rachel Royson’s research interests include Translation Studies, Comparative Literature, and Christian Writings in South Asia. She is currently working on the idea of “cultural translation” through a study of Christian texts composed in colonial India. Her doctoral work focuses on the Kristapurana (1616), a seventeenth century retelling of the biblical narrative. Her research on the Kristapurana has been presented at Indian and international academic conferences.

She was an Associate at the 2016 Nida School of Translation Studies in Misano, Italy. Her research articles have been published in journals such as Church History and Religious Culture, Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies, and South Asia Multidiscipinary Academic Journal (SAMAJ).